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About This Game Crumbled World is a tower defense game where you're tasked to create a maze of defensive structures with the purpose to defend the world crystal. The world crystal is what keeps the world from further collapsing into darkness and without it no hope exists. Your missions is to defend different areas using knowledge and abilities gathered to adapt to new challenges. Game playEach map have a certain amount of incoming enemy waves that tries to destroy the world crystal. The player build towers to protect the crystal and vanquish the evil enemy horde. Every map have a different layout and new obstacles to overcome, this makes deciding witch tower will be best suited to defend against the hordes of oncoming enemies waves very hard. When placing towers it is important to think of the synergy between them, as some have abilities that require other towers to work. Towers can be upgraded to have abilities In the defense, and combining certain towers can create efficient killing zones in the system. Tower placementThe placement of towers in this game is non-grid based. In other words you can place and rotate towers freely. This makes the placement of towers a bigger challenge and a greater opportunity than other games in this genre. GoldGold is your primary resource and is spent on buying and upgrading towers as well as temporary boosts. For each wave cleared you gain a fixed sum of gold and for each enemy killed you get an interest based amount of gold based on the gold currently held. The interest rate is to give an edge to skilled players and gold will stack up more and more as the game progresses. Since gold is rewarded for a kill it is possible to acquire additional towers during a wave. BoostsThe towers have a boost ability. When enabled the tower becomes extremely efficient for a short amount of time. This make it an important mechanism to survive hard waves, but relying too heavily on this function will cost you in the long run. When used correctly the boost functionality can make your system last several waves longer than it should have done otherwise. Key Features:8 unique towers with several different abilities. With the option to customize/specialize them with different properties. Over 10 unique monster types. Campaign with 20 different maps. Custom maps, that contains challenges and different game modes. Multiplayer support with co-op. Placement of towers are non grid based. Map editor that is easy to use, when making basic maps. The editor can even be used to create custom mods for the game. Easy and extensive scripting support via Lua language. 1075eedd30 Title: Crumbled WorldGenre: Indie, Strategy, Early AccessDeveloper:Clone CorpsPublisher:Clone CorpsRelease Date: 1 Dec, 2016 Crumbled World Torrent Download [crack] her world crumbled. world has crumbled. my world crumbled meaning. my world crumbled when you are not here. my world crumbled. crumbled world. my world crumbled and. whole word crumbled. my world crumbled on Great game. Fun gameplay and beautiful visuals.. looks like they fixed in the first patch, all the complaints of the only negative review, so will just even it out.... *REFUNDED*expected a Defence Grid clone, what I got was something that needs a heck of a lot of work, yes it's still in early access but the game looks like it was meant for the late 90's (UI looks horrible & placement of towers needs working on) [maybe make the towers even darker red if you can't place them at the place where your trying too, as it's very difficult to tell the difference at the moment] not something due out this year or maybe next.Still following to see if changes get made for next sale time.. This is a functional tower defense game. Good features: -- Mazing. It allows for free placement of towers, rather than be limited to a few fixed locations. -- Uber Towers Limited. It has a couple of uber towers, but balances them out by throttling their ammunition replenishment so that their ubers effects are not continuous. -- Nice Graphics. -- Upgrades. The layered choices in tower upgrades gives the feeling of more strategic choices, instead of the common approach in other TD games where you have a simple upgrade path and you always upgrade towers to the max.Caveat: I only played the single player game.Cons: -- A couple of the towers I never found a use for. I don't know whether they are glitched, or I simply missed the point of where they would be useful. -- You must (of course) always have a valid path. However, sometimes with a complicated maze, the game won't allow you to place a wall or tower in a valid location, because the changed path is too complicated. The solution is to restart the level and change the order of placing towers so that you don't try to force a change from one complicated path to a completely different complicated path. Eyeballing Required. I may have missed these features, but at least as far as I know there are no options to pre-show the path the mobs will follow or to show a grid for tower placement. This can result in misjudging the space so that you can't place a tower where you intended, or misjudging whether or not the mobs can pass thru a given narrow space. A partial solution is that you can plan out your placement by placing walls, which are cheap and also function as the foundations for towers.. Tower-Defense game with potential.The Coop- and Multiplayer Part are a joke, only two maps to play.For Single Player there are around 20 Maps.First of all the first wave starts if you are ready or not, what would be no problem, if you had enough time so sort your minds and make a plan, but that isn't.The controls are technically not bad, but have to adjust a little bit.e.g. the zoom is on mousewheel, is you want to place a tower the mousewheel will rotate the tower. (Perhabs that shut a additional combination like shift+mousewheel)If you are in menu and want to scroll down, you zoom ingame to.So make more multipayer\/coop- maps, a higher start-countdown (with readybutton for skip), adjust some towers and creeps a little, then we will look at that game again.

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